Java Detour

At Java Detour, the majority of its beans are grown at very high elevations in Ethiopia, which many coffee connoisseurs and roasters consider to be one of the best coffee-growing countries in the world. The beans that come out of Ethiopia tend to be more flavorful and rich, and are grown by families who have been cultivating the beans for many generations. Instead of harvesting the beans out of large, impersonal fields, many of the beans are grown in family-owned gardens next to their fruits and vegetables. Each bean gets a good amount of care and attention before it reaches our roasters.

Java Detour offers a range of roasts, from light to dark, including a house roast and a French roast. They also offer decaf beans and espresso, which is ground from a Northern Italian Roast of coffee that produces dark brown beans that are shiny with oil and slightly lighter than a full French roast.

Instead of sending their beans through a mass, off-site roaster, Java Detour hand-roasts each of their beans to specific, high-standard roasts, and offer only the best to their customers. Their coffee can be purchased by the pound in bags that are fully lined to guarantee freshness and quality in each cup. They also offer a wide range of delicious coffee drinks in each of their stores that are made with our premium roasted beans.

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