Rancho Llano Seco
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Rancho Llano Seco

Rancho Llano Seco is a historic 6th-generation family-run rancho that responsibly and humanely raises pork and beef as well as cultivates heirloom beans, ancient grains, and walnuts.

About Rancho Llano Seco

Rancho Llano Seco was incorporated in 1861 by John Parrott, an ancestor of the Theriot Family that owns the ranch today, and has a rich history of balancing agriculture, livestock husbandry, and conservation. The Rancho is one of the last Mexican land grant properties that remains intact and is a reminder of a lost era when California, American, Indigenous, Mexican and Spanish histories intersected. Llano Seco means "dry plain" in Spanish, and comes from the dry land wheat fields that have been a historical source of pride for the Rancho's farmers since its inception.

Today, the Theriot Family continue to explore and preserve Llano Seco's richness through gentle land stewardship and conservation efforts.

Llano Seco's Products & Practices

  • Pork: Llano Seco's pigs a cross of Duroc, Yorkshire and Landrace breeds and fed only a GMO-free diet of vegetarian grains and legumes, 75% of which are grown on the dry-land fields within a few miles of the barns. The pigs are confinement-free, raised in deep-bedded hoop barns with continual access to large open air paddocks with plenty of sunshine and a great view of the California Buttes. The pigs are a “zero-waste” community, as all bedding is composted and applied to Rancho pastures.
  • Beef: The cattle are pasture-raised on untouched, gently rolling lands in a rotational grazing system that promotes native grassland restoration and eradicates the invasive weed population. The cattle are raised on pasture and finished on a nutritious blend of locally grown grains developed specifically for Llano Seco's herd by an animal nutritionist.
  • Ancient Grains: Rancho Llano Seco has over 20 acres of ancient grains in production and offers both whole grain wheat berries and flour. The ranch's ancient grains support biodiversity and celebrate varieties that have culinarily or culturally significant histories in both the new and old worlds.

Learn more about all of Rancho Llano Seco's products and practices.

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