Chico Public Art

When you think of Chico, Calif., there are probably a few places that come to mind: Chico State, Sierra Nevada, maybe even Kleen Kanteen or Bidwell Park.

Well, you should add “public art destination” to that list.

Throughout Chico, you can find murals, sculptures, and other art installations on parking garages, in alleys, on buildings, and in parks, and almost any place you can think of. Downtown Chico has dozens of paintings and sculptures all within walking distance. Below is a partial list of public art (both publicly and privately funded) throughout and near Downtown–try to find them all (and let us know if you find others not on our list)!

If you’re interested in more than just murals and sculptures or art outside of Downtown, explore the City of Chico Art in Public Places brochure or the City of Chico Arts Commission.

Title: AicoraGems “Jewelry Box” Gallery

Artist: Scott Teeple

Location: 1334 Mangrove Ave.

Title: Astronaut

Location: 4th & Broadway

Title: Bird(?)

Location: 3rd & Broadway

Title: Bridges to Bridges

Artist: Dylan Tellesen

Location: 601 Main St.

Title: Chico Foothills

Artist: Elizabeth Devereaux

Location: Stained glass mural on Chico Municipal Center

Title: Compound History-Compound Images

Artist: Lynn Criswell

Location: Chico Municipal Center, 411 Main Street

Title: Dancing Trout

Artist: Patrick Collentine and Susan Larsen

Location: 421 Main Street

Title: Decide and Ride

Artist: Ed McLaughlin

Location: One Mile Recreation Area in Bidwell Park

Title: Diamond Alley Arches

Artist: Kathleen Nartuhi and David Barta

Location: Salem Street Parking Structure

Title: Downtown Kaleidoscope

Artist: Jesus Ramirez

Location: Ringel Park, 1st and Broadway

Title: Fire Station 1 Mural

Artist: Roy Steves

Location: W. 8th & Salem

Title: Freeway Pillars Camouflage Project

Artist: Gregg Payne

Location: Lower Bidwell Park (Hwy 99 crossing)

Title: Gianella Bridge

Location: 5th & Mangrove

Title: Greek Columns

Artist: John Pugh

Location: Taylor Hall, E. 1st St. at Salem

Title: Heritage Elm Sculpture

Artist: Owen Gabbert

Location: City Plaza

Title: Language Houses

Artist: Scott Teeple

Location: Mid Valley parking lot, 6th & Main

Title: Lindo Channel Aerosol Art Project

Artist: Chase Moreau w/ various artists

Location: Highway 99 Underpass Manzanita Ave

Title: Love

Artist: Jedrek Speer

Location: Near junction of Park Ave. & Main St.

Title: Man and Dog

Location: 4th & Main Streets (Melody Records/Ital Imports)

Title: Mountain Climber

Location: 100 Block of Main Street

Title: Municipal Center Art Walls

Artist: Dayton Claudio

Location:inside 411 Main Street

Title: Normal St. School/Bidwell Flour Mill

Artist: Scott Teeple

Location: 141 Salem St.

Title: Our Hands

Artist: Donna Billick

Location: 411 Main Street

Title: Painter

Location: East First Street Parking Lot

Title: Peace and Harmony

Artist: Shepard Fairey

Location: 526 Broadway

Title: Peaces’ of Chico

Location: At East 1st Street and Vallombrosa Ave

Title: Pony Express

Artist: Crane

Location: Chico Midtown Station 5th & Broadway

Title: Racing Bicylists

Artist: Scott Teeple

Location: 9th & Main

Title: Salem Street Art Walls

Artist: Dayton Claudio

Location: Downtown Parking Structure, 3rd & Salem

Title: Sea Serpent

Artist: Robin Indar, Marshall Rullman, Gregg Payne, Rick Satava, & Dan Christensen

Location: Capre Acres in Bidwell Park

Title: Skatepark Aerosol Art

Artist: Chase Moreau

Location: Humboldt Ave. Skate Park

Title: Tender Loving Coffee Mural

Artist: Wyatt Hersey

Location: 365 E 6th St.

Title: The Bidwells

Artist: Scott Teeple

Location: near 2nd & Broadway

Title: The Esplanade

Location: City Plaza

Title: Town Hall 1872

Location: Visible from Chico City Council Chambers steps

Title: Trees

Location: 200 Block of W. 2nd Street

Title: Trolly Murals I & II

Artist: William EverOne

Location: City Plaza

Title: Tubing

Location: 5th & Ivy Streets

Title: Victorian Homes Mid Valley Title and Escrow

Location: Parking lot at 6th & Main

Title: Wall of Boys & Girls Club

Artist: D. Tellesen

Location: 7th & Main

Title: Wildflower Century mural

Location: Midway Bike Path