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Bidwell Park Tour

The Bid­well Park Tour is a chal­leng­ing trek along the most pop­u­lar trails on both sides of the park—North Rim on the north side and Guardian Trail on the south side, linked by B Trail and Ten Mile House Road. A wet cross­ing of Big Chico Creek is required to pass from B Trail on the north­ern to Ten Mile House Road on the south­ern side, but you’ll be reward­ed with great views of the val­ley and the park itself for the trail’s dura­tion. Make sure to bring lots of water and snacks, as it’s rec­om­mend­ed to do the trail in its entire­ty to get the full experience.

Key Info

Trail Dif­fi­cul­ty: Dif­fi­cult

Trail Length & Type: 15.5 mile loop

Best Used: Closed dur­ing wet weather

Dogs: Allowed on leash

Trail Map: Upper Bid­well Park map

Bidwell Park Tour

Dri­ving Directions

From Hwy 99 take the East Ave. exit east. Fol­low East Ave. towards Man­zani­ta Ave. At the round­about take the sec­ond exit for Wild­wood Ave. Con­tin­ue on Wild­wood Ave until it turns into Upper Park Rd. To get the full expe­ri­ence park at the first park­ing lot on your left. Con­tin­ue towards the North Rim Trail. Turn right on the B Trail, then turn left to fol­low the Upper Park Road. When you reach Park­ing Lot U (the end of Upper Park Road) you have reached the check-in point.