“Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" in Chico
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“Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" in Chico

Over the years, Chico—already a well-known college town—has been cultivating a reputation as a foodie destination in the North State. With local access to delicious fresh produce and easily accessible fresh meats and fish, the city’s restaurant scene features some of the best food in the whole county.

Chico might have been an under-the-radar cuisine location before, but now the secret’s out. With a visit from Guy Fieri and “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” everyone else now knows what the locals have long known—that Chico is a great place for a good meal.

Discover what Guy Fieri had to say about the Chico favorites he visited!


Grana features locally sourced, farm-to-fork dishes with a Italian wood-fired oven at the center of the restaurant.

Featured Dishes: Braised pork shoulder ragu with housemade pasta and salsa verde; Wine-braised chicken leg with white cheddar polenta

Guy’s Verdict: “Great ingredients, done right. That should be the tagline—this is as good as it comes.”

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Upper Crust Bakery & Café

A Chico staple for 30 years, Upper Crust is a bakery/café/restaurant all in one that makes everything in-house and from scratch.

Featured Dishes: Black bean chili with a cheesy jalapeno corn muffin; Korean pork salad with braised pork and crispy shallots

Guy’s Verdict: “That’s like lights-out good.”

Watch It: "Coming Together in Cali," Season 29, Episode 18


Momona serves up West Coast-style noodles and bao with Japanese, Hawaiian, and Taiwan influences.

Featured Dishes: Mochiko Fried Chicken Bao with a spicy aioli and fresno chilis; Chico Ramen with roasted chicken dashi, shoyu chicken, and wavy ramen noodles.

Guy’s Verdict: “If I was recruiting people to come to [Chico State], I would invite them to have this—it’s delicious.”

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The Rawbar Restaurant & Sushi

For nearly two decades, The Rawbar has been a popular fusion/Asian sushi bar serving rolls, bowls, small dishes, and hot bites.

Featured Dishes: Tom katai steamer featuring a variety of shellfish and Thai chili coconut milk broth; pork belly bibimbap with a crispy rice cake and a fried egg.

Guy’s Verdict: “I wanted that to be great. It’s not great—it’s phenomenal!”

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Sin of Cortez

Sin of Cortez is an all-American coffee and breakfast house featuring fresh, homemade classic diner dishes.

Featured Dishes: Cortez French Toast with freshly baked cinnamon bread and fruit puree; Dragon Potatoes with slow-roasted carnitas and crispy rosemary potatoes

Guy’s Verdict: “I don’t know that I’ve found many places in the travels of DDD quite like this.”

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The Banshee

A bar with really good food, The Banshee offers an international flavor-inspired menu alongside traditional pub favorites.

Featured Dishes: Pho French dip sandwich with brisket and pho au ju; Bánh mì Tacos with pulled pork and housemade adobo sauce

Guy’s Verdict: “Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom—delicious. Pho-get about it.”

Watch It: "Coming Together in Cali," Season 29, Episode 18

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