Wildfire Season: What to Expect
There Are No Active Fires in Butte County
  • We encourage travelers to contact businesses they wish to visit before traveling to determine their current status of operation.
  • Butte County’s Mediterranean climate, distinguished by cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers, creates conditions that are ideal for agriculture, but also may result in occasional seasonal weather-related events.
  • Butte County is a large region encompassing nearly 1,700 square miles. Most often weather-related issues occur in one portion of the county with the great majority of the area completely unaffected.
  • When traveling to any destination, especially during the peak time periods for weather-related events, visitors should be aware of the potential for a situation that will require immediate action. All travel-related cautions should be considered when making arrangements for any trip.
  • Travelers should consult a reputable traveler checklist such as the following before traveling: Travelers from abroad click here and domestic travelers click here.
  • Should media reports mention Butte County County and you have questions, consult either your lodging property, or Explore Butte County at (530) 918-4585 or on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updated and accurate information.