Wildfire Season: What to Expect
There Are No Active Fires in Butte County

Update 9-9-2022: While there are no active fires in Butte County, smoke from the Mosquito Fire in Place and El Dorado Counties is visible in Butte County and affecting it's air quality.

Smoke impacts are hard to predict, so be prepared for variable conditions when you visit.

For Your Information

  • We encourage travelers to contact businesses they wish to visit before traveling to determine their current status of operation.
  • Butte County’s Mediterranean climate, distinguished by cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers, creates conditions that are ideal for agriculture, but also may result in occasional seasonal weather-related events.
  • Butte County is a large region encompassing nearly 1,700 square miles. Most often weather-related issues occur in one portion of the county with the great majority of the area completely unaffected.
  • When traveling to any destination, especially during the peak time periods for weather-related events, visitors should be aware of the potential for a situation that will require immediate action. All travel-related cautions should be considered when making arrangements for any trip.
  • Travelers should consult a reputable traveler checklist such as the following before traveling: Travelers from abroad click here and domestic travelers click here.
  • Should media reports mention Butte County County and you have questions, consult either your lodging property, or Explore Butte County at (530) 918-4585 or on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updated and accurate information.