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Durham Loop

With few cars on these coun­try roads, a ride on Durham Loop is a pleas­ant and qui­et one.

Start­ing at Durham’s Com­mu­ni­ty Park, head west on Durham-Day­ton Hwy through the quaint town of Durham until you reach the qui­et roads of Bur­dick (to con­tin­ue straight) until you turn left onto Trox­el, where you will be amongst the rows of almond trees.

Trox­el becomes Dun­can before you come to Aguas Frias Rd. Take a right turn up to the Day­ton Four Cor­ners” inter­sec­tion. Here, you can con­tin­ue north onto Day­ton Road and ride into down­town Chico, or take a right for more orchard views. 

If you go right, con­sid­er a stop by Nascere Vine­yards for some wine before you con­tin­ue your ride to Fim­ple Rd. 

Turn left on Fim­ple and enjoy a qui­et ride amongst trees before turn­ing right on Hegan Lane, cycling past Chico State’s Uni­ver­si­ty Farm. Hegan will end at a stop light, cross through the inter­sec­tion and hop on the bike path back to Durham. 

Take a left onto Jones Ave. Turn left onto Durham Day­ton Hwy and take a right to bring you back to Durham Com­mu­ni­ty Park.

Key Info

Trail Dif­fi­cul­ty: Flat

Trail Length & Type: 25 – 20 mile loop, Road Cycling

Best Used: Acces­si­ble year-round

Trail Map: Chico Velo


Take Hwy 99 South to Estates Dr. in Durham. Turn right onto Estates Dr. (signs for Estates Dri­ve) Turn left onto Oroville-Chico Hwy. Turn right onto Lott Rd. Turn right onto Durham-Day­ton Hwy. Take your first left for Durham Com­mu­ni­ty Park.