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Explore the Scenic Feather Falls

Clo­sure Updates

Due to exten­sive dam­age from the North Com­plex Fire, Feath­er Falls, the trail, and its sur­round­ing areas ARE CLOSED THROUGH FALL 2024 to hik­ing, hunt­ing, camp­ing, and fish­ing due to ongo­ing recov­ery efforts. The trail to Feath­er Falls was bad­ly dam­aged and is extreme­ly dan­ger­ous — any­one who tries to visit/​hike the area will be cited.

Read the Closure Notification

Those explor­ing the var­i­ous water­falls in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia or North­ern Cal­i­for­nia hik­ing trails should put Feath­er Falls at the top of their to-vis­it list.

A Yosemite-style water­fall with­out the crowds, Feath­er Falls’ 410-foot drop is an impres­sive dis­play of nature’s grandeur in a dra­mat­ic Sier­ra Neva­da set­ting. Hike 7 – 9 miles (depend­ing on which trail you choose) through beau­ti­ful moun­tain scenery to reach two dra­mat­ic water­fall look­outs. Dur­ing cer­tain times of year, keep your eyes open for mil­lions of migrat­ing lady­bugs at Frey Creek. Hik­ers can take in the falls from the look­out, or hike to the top for a dra­mat­ic view and access to beau­ti­ful Fall Riv­er that feeds the falls.

One vis­it to this Butte Coun­ty favorite will make it clear why it’s one of the Cal­i­for­ni­a’s best waterfalls.

Hik­ing to Feath­er Falls

There are two options to reach the over­look at Feath­er Falls.

At 13 mile past the trail­head, the trail diverges. For the more expe­ri­enced hik­er, take the steep 3.3 mile path to the west, which fea­tures about two miles of uphill grade.

The gen­tly slop­ing 4.5 mile path to the east is ide­al for the inex­pe­ri­enced hiker.

The two trails con­verge approx­i­mate­ly 12 mile before reach­ing the Feath­er Falls obser­va­tion deck.

Allow a min­i­mum of four to five hours to hike the nine-mile loop. Take plen­ty of water. Restrooms and non-potable water are avail­able at the trail­head near the park­ing area, but bring drink­ing water or a water puri­fi­er for the hike.