Chico Outdoor Adventurer Biking

Keefer Road Loop

On the Keefer Road Loop, you’ll ride over an aban­doned rail­road bridge, pass the Chico Air­port, and ped­al by scenic pasturelands.

Start­ing on the bike path at 11th Avenue and Esplanade, the rails-to-trail bike path heads north, which will take you to Fortress Street at the air­port. Turn left and ride until it ends at Ryan Avenue, and then take that until tak­ing a left onto Cohas­set. On Cohas­set, enjoy a few short hills before turn­ing left onto Keefer, which will pro­duce a short but sweet down­hill to Hicks Lane and anoth­er left turn. Hicks Lane trav­els south through most­ly unused pas­ture­lands adja­cent to the air­port run­ways until it comes to Eaton Road. A left on Eaton takes you back to the bike path you came out on.

Key Info

Trail Dif­fi­cul­ty: Mod­er­ate Hills

Trail Length & Type: 12 mile loop, Road Cycling

Best Used: Acces­si­ble year-round

Trail Map: Chico Velo

Dri­ving Directions

From wher­ev­er you are stay­ing, or a park­ing area near­by, con­nect onto the bike path. The bike path begins at the inter­sec­tion of Esplanade and East 11th Ave. To dri­ve to this inter­sec­tion take Hwy 99 North, and take exit 387 A for Cohas­set Road. Stay in the left lane and take a left for Man­grove Ave. Take the next right for Cohas­set Road. At the stop sign make a left onto Esplanade. Turn left onto East 11th Ave.