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Midway Bike Path

Run­ning par­al­lel to the Mid­way that con­nects Chico and Durham, the scenic Mid­way Bike Path is a mixed-use path that takes users through the seem­ing­ly end­less orchards of south Chico head­ing towards Durham.

The paved trail is per­fect for wheel­chair users or oth­ers with mobil­i­ty issues. The path ends at Jones Avenue just a few miles north of Durham but many cyclists will con­tin­ue on and find loop options along Butte County’s many coun­try roads.

Key Info

Trail Dif­fi­cul­ty: Flat/​Easy/​Beginner

Trail Length & Type: 6 miles out-and-back, Road Cycling

Best Used: Acces­si­ble year-round

Trail Map: Google Map


Head south­east on Hwy 99. Take exit 383 toward Skyway/​Park Ave. Turn right onto Sky­way then turn right onto Fair Street. Turn right for the Sil­ver Dol­lar Fair­grounds, you will see a sign, and park here.