Table Mountain Loop
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Table Mountain Loop

A remnant of an ancient lava flow, the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve truly is table-like on top, with steep, vertical cliffs at the edges that produce unique waterfalls in the early spring along with an abundance of wildflowers, making the Table Mountain Loop one of the prettiest rides around.

The loop is a road bike route that offers up between 50-60 miles of rolling terrain with a few significant climbs from Chico, or a shorter ride if you start and end in Oroville. The central feature of the ride is the climb up to the beautiful tabletop plateau of Table Mountain.

For this ride, start in Chico, ride south on the Midway Bike Path to Oroville Chico Hwy, then south to Pentz Rd. and west past Butte College to Hwy 70. At Hwy 70, make a left and travel up the hill for less than a mile to Cherokee Rd. A challenging climb takes you through the old town of Cherokee and onwards to the top of Table Mountain proper. You will know when you get to the top—it is as flat as a table.

The continued ride down to the outskirts of Oroville can be dangerous for larger groups, (so they should climb up from the Oroville side and go down through Cherokee) but for a single rider or small group who know the downhill is challenging, the Cherokee-Oroville direction is more satisfying.

Once at the end of Cherokee Rd, make a right on Table Mountain Blvd. and follow it to its end. Make a right on Hwy 70 for a mile or so and make another right onto Coal Canyon Rd. This quiet road ends up crossing Hwy 70 again in a couple of miles and changes into Wheelock Rd. which dead ends back into Durham-Pentz Rd. where a left turn takes you back to Butte College and ultimately Chico.

Key Info

Trail Difficulty: Flat

Trail Length & Type: 25-20 mile loop, Road Cycling

Best Used: Accessible year-round

Trail Map: Chico Velo

Other Links: Alternative Route with Elevation Changes


Head southeast on Hwy 99. Take exit 383 toward Skyway/Park Ave. Turn right onto Skyway then turn right onto Fair Street. Turn right for the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, you will see a sign, and park here.

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