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Take a Ride on the Honey Run Road Loop

The Hon­ey Run Road Loop is a leg­endary bike ride in Chico. While the approach to the climb has got­ten ever busier as more and more peo­ple move out into Butte Creek Canyon, the climb up Hon­ey Run remains a clas­sic. Fea­tur­ing a nar­row, twist­ing, wind­ing road, with hints of flat sec­tions at some of the turns, you’ll have you just enough time to get up a lit­tle speed for the next sec­tion of climb­ing. And of course, the high­er you go, the steep­er it seems to get. With its pop­u­lar­i­ty as a bicy­cle climb­ing spot, cruis­ing down Hon­ey Run Road is not rec­om­mend­ed.

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Take Sky­way head­ing for Par­adise. As you see the road curve to the right, look for Hon­ey Run Road to your left. Mean­der­ing on Hon­ey Run Rd., you’ll come to the loca­tion where the his­toric Hon­ey Run Cov­ered Bridge once stood (and is now being rebuilt), where you pass by it to cross the creek over a mod­ern bridge just upstream. (A left turn at the Cov­ered Bridge onto Cen­ter­ville Rd. takes you up and back to Cen­ter­ville – a scenic, well-trav­eled route used by local cyclists). Soon after the Cov­ered Bridge is when the real climb up Hon­ey Run begins.