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Festival of Roses

For a quarter of a century, locals and visitors alike have been enjoying Butte Rose Society’s Festival of Roses, and this year’s celebration is expected to be one of the showiest. With the winter weather and water availability cooperating, the array of roses expected at the annual show is sure to be stunning.

Tons to See and Learn

Several hundred roses, grown by local rose lovers, are expected at the show, so it’s a great place to check out the kinds of roses that do well in the north state. Growers in the Butte Rose Society will also be on hand, including certified rosarians to answer questions or brainstorm about what’s going on in the garden. As in past years, contributed roses will be judged by professionals from the American Rose Society. To see what appeals to a professional judge can help rose-growers-to-be plan for additions to their gardens.

For All Ages

Unlike other shows, the Festival of Roses isn’t just about gorgeous flowers. There will be educational exhibits, photographs, a new arts and crafts section that must incorporate roses, along with activities for the kids. Help pick the show’s most fragrant rose in the annual competition. Members of the public are invited to enter the competitions as well, as long as there is a rose theme. For more information on participating, check out the website www.butte-rosesociety.org

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