Updates on Butte County During Covid

In the time of COVID, we continue to update the status of open attractions, eateries, and events twice a week. Prepare yourself for safely traveling during COVID by reading our page of health and safety travel tips here.

Museum Weekend

Leap into Museums

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Celebrate Local Museums!

The 2nd Annual Butte County Museum Weekend GOES VIRTUAL in 2021.

Butte County Museum Weekend is an event created to support Visit California’s larger arts, culture, and entertainment promotions across the state as well as celebrate Butte County’s vibrant arts and culture scene. While all closed their doors to the public in 2020 due to Covid, many spent that time creating new and exciting digital content for visitors to enjoy virtually.

Explore the participating locations using the link below and discover on-demand content that can be enjoyed throughout the month as well as exclusive content that can be accessed on Museum Weekend, Feb. 27 & 28.

Don't miss the 2nd Annual Butte County Museum Weekend. This FREE event lets you enjoy virtual events from the comfort of your own home Feb. 27 & 28, 2021.

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