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Steve McDonald
Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway
Outdoor Adventurer

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the 2021 Snow Goose Festival has been cancelled. Check back in the fall of 2021 for information on the January 2022 festival!

2020 Snow Goose Festival

The Pacific Flyway ranks as one of the greatest migratory pathways in the entire world, stretching from the Bering Strait off the coast of Alaska to the steeps of Patagonia in South America. Millions of birds representing hundreds of species use this great avian highway each year, and nowhere is this abundance of wildlife more accessible than right here in the Northern Sacramento Valley.

With an ideal combination of mild winter weather, abundant food and rich quantities of water, Butte County attracts a huge wintering population of waterfowl and raptors. A local favorite among these is the majestic Snow Goose. With the estimated overall population of Snow Geese exceeding 5 million, as many as one and a half million use the Pacific Flyway. Tens of thousands of these will winter right in Butte County.

In Chico and the surrounding communities, the community celebrates this magnificent spectacle of nature with the Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway with live birding, demonstrations, field trips, special exhibits, auctions, presentations, and more.

This action-packed 5-day event celebrates the millions of waterfowl and thousands of raptors that migrate along the Pacific Flyway and call the Northern Sacramento Valley their home during the winter months. This is one of the least explored and most amazingly diverse areas of California, with habitats that include rivers and wetlands, sweeping plains and grasslands, rolling foothills, sheltered canyons, and mountain peaks.


You might choose to take a guided tour of a nature preserve, visit a local vineyard, hike the scenic Sutter Buttes in search of lofty views and resident wildlife, or watch a demonstration of live raptors. And with the wide variety of engaging youth activities, there truly is something for everyone at the Snow Goose Festival!


Feast your eyes on wonderful art by numerous artists whose subjects include birds, other wildlife, and habitat along the Pacific Flyway. This impressive art exhibit, at the Museum of Northern California Art, will feature a variety of media, including sculpture, clay, oils, fiber arts, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media, glass, and photography.


Don't miss the biggest event of the Snow Goose Festival, our "Gathering of Wings" Banquet. This treasured evening provides a mix of great food, great company, and great entertainment. Featuring "The Gift of Watching Birds” by Keynote Speaker, Karen Amstutz, Professional Naturalist, Environmental Educator The Silent Auction tables that accompany us while we dine will hold a vibrant mix of items, including exquisite works of art and jewelry, wonderful wines, and a variety of goods and services.

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