Updates on Butte County During Covid

In the time of COVID, we continue to update the status of open attractions, eateries, and events twice a week. Prepare yourself for safely traveling during COVID by reading our page of health and safety travel tips here.

Stirling City Fall Logging Festival
Unincorporated Outdoor Adventurer

Starting at 11am, the Stirling City Fall Logging Festival will feature:

  • Fire trucks
  • Logging equipment
  • Functioning Antique Engines
  • Kids' Games
  • Multiple Exhibits
  • A Gift Shop
  • Burger meals by Lovelock Inn

You can also enjoy logging demonstrations, one at 11:30am and one at 1:30pm, featuring the underhand/horizontal chop, standing/vertical chop, traditional hand sawing, a modern handsaw built for racing, ax throwing, and a hot saw demonstration.

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