Almendra Winery & Distillery
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Almendra Winery & Distillery

Almendra Winery & Distillery is a family-run winery and distillery dedicated to innovative spirits and hand-crafted wines with a full-service restaurant, Almendra Steakhouse.

Almendra Winery and Distillery was conceived by Berton Bertagna, of Son Kissed Vineyards renown, in 2001. Today, Almendra has a stunning tasting room that opens for public tastings and events in Durham, complete with beautiful woodwork and a beautiful still. It also offers food from a full-service restaurant to go with your wine. Also enjoy live music every Thursday.

Almendra Steakhouse

Almendra Steakhouse is an upscale restaurant serving Spanish-inspired seafood and tapas alongside more traditional steakhouse offerings and pasta.

About Almendra

Almendra and the Bertagna Family exemplify spirit and wine-making artistry as they fashion full-bodied wines and fruit infused wine spirits. Berton Bertagna has a long history of innovation and maintains an uncompromising and deep commitment to the environment, community and a high quality wine and spirit selection beyond comparison. Ranging from blends to varietals, these complex wines and spirits delight the senses and are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Almendra invites you to explore its dynamic tasting room and experience the full flavor expressions of its wine and spirits as well as explore its specialty pizzas and small plates, which are made with locally sourced ingredients.

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