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North Complex West Zone

The North Complex West Zone (formerly, Bear Fire) is an ongoing fire situation in the eastern side of Butte County. Find resources and updates here.

Bangor Ranch Vineyard & Winery
Bangor Agritourism & Locally Grown Getaway Artist

The vineyards at Bangor Ranch have been designed to produce optimum quality fruit using sustainable, low-input farming techniques. These are not just trendy buzzwords; it means that their grapes will be grown under optimum conditions using organic fertilizers and a minimal use of chemicals and tillage practices.

Through high-density planting, Bangor Ranch yields superior fruit compared to the older "California sprawl" model. With more vines per acre, each plant has to produce less fruit to achieve the same yield per acre, resulting in grapes with greater intensity, improved color and more complex flavor profiles. In combination with the high-density planting technique, Bangor Ranch uses a "Vertical Shoot Positioning"-type trellis for all vines, which allows for greater leaf and fruit exposure to sunlight plus improved air circulation, resulting in more even ripening and increased resistance to mildew.

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