Big Momma’s Number 1 BBQ

Big Momma’s Number 1 BBQ

Big Momma’s Number 1 BBQ is a Mississippi-style barbecue restaurant featuring authentic BBQ classics, wood-smoked pork ribs, burgers and pulled-pork sandwiches as well as classic sides and sweet treats, like chicken salad and ice cream sundaes, to complete your meal.

Yelp Review

From Freedom F. (6/24/2020):

"Okay folks. Brace yourself, the best ribs you will ever find aren't in Sacramento, or Roseville or Chico. It's here.

Lemme tell you, me and my buddy have been getting barbeque up and down the state for years and we've seen a lot. We've seen good places get bad, good places get better and whatever the hell a cinnamon dry rub is.

But this here is a genuine BBQ gem. It's got no special sauces or gimmicky dry rub to make it stand out. It's a smoked and possibly the MOST tenderly cooked rack of ribs smothered in a delicious sweet and mildly spicy sauce. The most gingerly of bites will rip the meat off the bone and leave it clean. THIS is not just damn good barbeque. This is art and it's meant to be cherished. Come in a get a rack with all the fixings. It won't eat itself."

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