Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works

Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works

Since 1979, Brooklyn Bridge Bagel in Downtown Chico has been serving up fresh, house-made bagels using their original, preservative-free New York recipe. Enjoy bagels with cream cheese schmears (all featuring low-fat cream cheese whipped in-house) and breakfast and lunch bagel sandwiches.

As one of California's oldest and continuous bagel bakeries, Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works brings a lot of pride, experience, and chutzpah to making a superb bagel the likes of which New Yorker's demand.

Try one of their many Breakfast Bagels, deli sandwiches or Vegetarian options on one of their traditional or gourmet bagels. All bagels are made from scratch. They use the original New York recipe with no added oils, preservatives, or dough conditioners, in order to give you a better tasting and healthier bagel.

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