Updates on Butte County During Covid

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Butte County Historical Society Museum

The Butte County Historical Society Museum tells the stories of the lives of people in Butte County from the early mining days to the present time.

Three major collections are managed by the Museum, two of which are permanent and one of which is expendable:

The General Collection (permanent) which is composed of objects that relate to the social, political, economic and cultural heritage of the people of Butte County.

The Archives Collection (permanent) includes photographs, documents, published material, maps, scrapbooks, film, video tapes, sound recordings, ephemera and other historical materials that relate to the same parameters as the other collections.

The Educational Support Collection (expendable) includes objects that may be used in the activities of the Museum's educational and interpretive programs. Replicas, duplicates or objects of non-local origin may be designated for this collection, as well as equipment items needed to access archival non-print media.

Open: Friday - 9 am to noon, Saturday - 11am to 3 pm

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