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Clotilde Merlo Park
Unincorporated Family Adventure Getaway Artist

Thirty minutes north of Paradise in the higher elevation city of Stirling City, one of the most beautiful spots on the Ridge, you'll find privately owned Clotilde Merlo Park. The park's 20 acres contain a variety of trees--including Ponderosa, Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, White and Doug Fir, Black Oak, Quaking Aspen and Manzanita--and nature abounds in deer, squirrels, and birds. There are three large ponds where the flowing water is pumped back and recycled, individual and group picnic areas, nature trails, meadows, horseshoe pits, a bocce court, restrooms, outdoor wedding chapel, and homesite markers.

The park is open May through October Thurs.-Sun. from 10am-7pm and prohibits smoking and dogs.


  • Take the Skyway from Paradise north
  • As you enter Stirling City, turn right on the P Line
  • Then turn left at the split on the R Line to the entrance of the park
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