• Lake De Sabla, Magalia, CA

Lake De Sabla is a grav­el dam face reser­voir just 4.6 miles from Mag­a­lia and locat­ed in an area with sur­round­ing grass and pine trees.


Day use fish­ing is avail­able on the South and East sides. There is a small flume on one end of this lake and at cer­tain times of the year the acro­bat­ic browns can be seen mak­ing every effort to ascend the falls to spawn. Plant­ed rain­bow trout also abound in this small Pacif­ic Gas and Elec­tric (PG&E) impound­ment. Oth­er species caught here include bass, bluegill, crap­pie, and sunfish.

Crick­ets, Power­bait and worms are the best baits for DeSabla.

Get­ting There

DeSabla Lake is locat­ed on the Upper Sky­way just on the north side of Mag­a­lia with park­ing on the west side of the road.