Lake Madrone
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Lake Madrone

Lake Madrone is a small but phenomenally beautiful lake surrounded by a gated mountain community along Berry Creek just off Oro-Quincy Highway in Oroville. Characterized by vast landscapes and the great outdoors, the 25-acre lake is a lovely retreat in the respite of nature. Any season is a great season to visit, with beautiful fall colors, winter snowfalls, spring wildflowers, and summers perfect for lakeside days.

Who Can Visit Lake Madrone?

Lake Madrone is a private escape for residents and renters looking to get away for the weekend, a week or two, or for a whole season. Vacation rentals are available among the houses established on the forested land around the lake. A ski beach serves the Lake Madrone community where various community events such as picnics are held. Swimming, boating, and fishing are allowed on the lake.

About Lake Madrone

Before the California Gold Rush, the lake area was home to the Maidu people. In 1850, a trail was established through the Sierra Mountains from Reno to Marysville for Gold Rushers to travel, passing through the region where Lake Madrone is currently located. As hotels and other establishments rose up around the pass, gold was discovered in the 1900s near Berry Creek. The discovery, which occurred a quarter mile south of today's Lake Madrone, was the beginning of many in that area and the Berry Creek Mine became one of the richest mines in Butte County. In the wake of the success of the mine, development followed.

In 1928, George C. Mansfield convinced the state to build a dam across Berry Creek for the highway and thus Lake Madrone was formed. On December 2, 1929, Mansfield, along with fellow Canadian native, Duncan McCallum, established the Feather River Forest Homes Unit 1 subdivision on the south side of the lake. Shortly thereafter they established the Lakeview addition on the south-east side and then the Cascade addition on the north-east side of the lake. The first lot was sold to Will and Vida Bond of Gridley.

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