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Lake Madrone
Oroville Outdoor Adventurer

Lake Madrone might be small at just 25 acres, but it is anything but scant on looks. The lake is a phenomenal beauty surrounded by a gated mountain community in rural Butte County, along Berry Creek just off Oro-Quincy Highway in Oroville. Characterized by vast landscapes and the great outdoors, the lake is a lovely retreat in the respite of nature.

The lake is a private escape for those looking to get away for the weekend, a week or two, or for a whole season. Vacation rentals are available among the houses established on the forested land around the lake. Real estate options are viable too. You can make Lake Madrone your year-round retreat. A ski beach serves the Lake Madrone community where various community events such as picnics are held. Residents swim, boat and fish on the lake.

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