Lassen Traditional Cider
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Lassen Traditional Cider

Lassen Traditional Cider is a cidery that makes high-quality, traditional-style hard apple ciders.

Lassen operates seasonally, working when the apples are at their peak of ripeness. After pressing, the cider is allowed to ferment for a couple months in neutral red wine barrels and is then aged in bottles for several more months before being released.

Their ciders are fermented dry, with less residual sugar than most beer and absolutely no added sugar, producing a more mild, subtly sweet final product. It's all 100% apples unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Lassen Ciders

  • Farmhouse Dry Cider: Lassen's flagship barrel-aged, wild fermented cider featuring a mix of American heirloom and bittersweet cider varieties
  • Newtown Pippin: A single varietal cider made from 100% Newtown Pippin apples, one of the most classic of American heirlooms
  • Winter Creek Cider: Made from a blend of heirloom and cider varieties grown by Winter Creek Orchard in Nevada City. Pressed in season, native fermentation in neutral French oak red wine barrels, bottle conditioned
  • Paradise Strong Cider: Winesap single varietal made from apples grown locally in Paradise
  • Elderberry Cyser: A mix of mead and cider, this is a blend of apples fermented with honey and elderberries
  • Pear Cider: made with half Bartlett pears and half Golden Delicious apples
  • Winesap: A single varietal dry cider made from the heirloom Winesap apple
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