Marigold Marketplace
Durham Agritourism & Locally Grown

Marigold Marketplace

At Durham’s Marigold Marketplace, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated grocery and product marketplace featuring local meats, produce, wines, ice cream, drinks, frozen and grab-and-go food items, jewelry, and more!

About Marigold Marketplace

Marigold was founded on the belief that people shouldn't have to travel far to enjoy artisanal foods sourced right from this region. Marigold Marketplace wants to meet folks where they are and inspire appreciation for what Durham has to offer!

Marigold Marketplace offers unsurpassed quality and the vibrance of a farmers market with variety to meet day-today needs. Enjoy hand-selected goods and products in a welcoming environment that honors Butte County's farmers, ranchers, makers and shoppers with a store that is seasonal, fresh, convenient, and completely unique to Durham!

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