Milk & Honey 1860
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Milk & Honey 1860

Milk & Honey 1860 is a small family farm specializing in artisanal goat milk skin care products and hand-spun wool from heritage English Longwool sheep. Everything that is sold has been grown, milked, shorn, made, and packaged right on site by the Larson family.

Milk & Honey 1860 Products

Milk & Honey 1860 sells a variety of goatmilk skincare and shampoo as well as wool and wool accessories and other farm goods, including:

  • Goat milk lotion, soap, and shampoo bars
  • Boxed soap sets
  • Other gift crates
  • Lotions and soaps made for babies and kids
  • Woolen goods, yarn, and raw fleece
  • Milk & Honey 1860 sweatshirts, totes, and hats
  • Hatching eggs

Milk & Honey 1860 is a member of the Livestock Conservancy and Certified Fibershed producers. The wool products are made from rare and heritage English Longwool Sheep, which have lustrous and highly desirable fleece.

About Milk & Honey 1860

Run by the Larson Family, Milk & Honey 1860 was born out of the family's desire to move from the city to their own piece of the county. After finding the civil-war era farmhouse in Butte Valley, the Larsons bought a few goats to manage the weeds on the property, and they used the milk from the goats to make soap for themselves and friends. Out of these small batches grew a business and more products, all still made at home by Elizabeth, David, and their five children. If you stop by to purchase from their Farm Shop, you're sure to meet Elizabeth and maybe even get to pet one of the goats!

Where to Buy Milk & Honey 1860

You can buy a variety of Milk & Honey 1860 locally at Made in Chico and Mary Lake-Thompson in Oroville, from Milk & Honey's Farm Shop on Saturdays from 10am-6pm, or online.

Milk & Honey 1860
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