O'Zone Entertainment
Oroville Family Adventure

O'Zone Entertainment

O’Zone Entertainment is a safe, fun, exciting, family-friendly entertainment facility in Downtown Oroville.

Come throw axes, solve puzzles to escape in virtual reality, or enjoy one of many other activities, such as air hockey, claw machines, and more. There's even an outdoor patio for parties or simply taking a break outside.

O’Zone Entertainment is the place the whole family will love – the place to go to have fun with friends, co-workers, and family!

Activities Available

  • Astronomical Axe Zone: 8 lanes with 4 bullseyes and 4 projected targets
  • Cosmic VR Zone: Virtual reality escape room for 2-6 players
  • Galactic Play Zone: Coin-operated air hockey, skee ball, pool, and more
  • Time Travel Arcade: Coin-operated video games, darts, and claw machines
  • X-tra Corbin Zone: A sensory play room
  • UV Gellyball Zone: An indoor paintball-like experience using Gellyballs, which bounce off of players or simply disintegrate

Great for Groups

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Parties
  • Other Special Events
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