Updates on Butte County During Covid

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Paradise Lake

Paradise Lake covers an area of 244 acres and is surrounded by beautiful wooded land and has a shoreline of 7.5 miles. It is one of two reservoirs which stores water for the community of Paradise. Because it is water supply for the public, it is strictly regulated.

The lake is open daily, except for Wednesdays, from 5 am to sunset daily for biking, hiking, walking, fishing from shore or by boat. Rules and regulations and more information can be found at visitparadiselake.com. Daily fees apply. No annual passes are available at this time.

There is a $3 parking fee. The lot is located at the corner of Coutolenc Rd. and Lucretia Rd., Magalia CA 95954 just north of Paradise, California.

Paradise Lake in Northern CA is a postcard picture of a serene forested lake with canoes drifting atop glassy water. It’s a special place in Butte County for a relaxing paddle, picnic, or hike.

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