• 1905 Notre Dame Blvd #100, Chico, CA 95928
(530) 399-3686
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Locat­ed in the Tank Dis­trict at Chico’s Meri­am Park, Savor Ice Cream is an arti­san gluten-free ice cream par­lor serv­ing hand-craft­ed dairy-based and veg­an ice cream. 

All fla­vors are cre­at­ed from scratch with real qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents, sourced organ­ic and local­ly when­ev­er pos­si­ble. Savor nev­er uses pre-made syrups, preser­v­a­tives, or arti­fi­cial addi­tives. This ensures an ice cream that is rich in fla­vor and authen­tic in taste, ready to be savored.

Their Dairy Ice Creams

Savor’s dairy ice creams are made with organ­ic milks, creams, and sugars.

Their Veg­an Ice Creams

Savor’s veg­an fla­vors are made with organ­ic coconut milk, organ­ic veg­an-cer­ti­fied sug­ar, and veg­an-cer­ti­fied addi­tions. All veg­an fla­vors are churned and frozen in ded­i­cat­ed equip­ment that is sep­a­rate from their dairy ice cream flavors.