Savor Ice Cream

Savor Ice Cream

Located in the Tank District at Chico's Meriam Park, Savor Ice Cream is an artisan gluten-free ice cream parlor serving hand-crafted dairy-based and vegan ice cream.

All flavors are created from scratch with real quality ingredients, sourced organic and locally whenever possible. Savor never uses pre-made syrups, preservatives, or artificial additives. This ensures an ice cream that is rich in flavor and authentic in taste, ready to be savored.

Their Dairy Ice Cream

Savor's dairy ice creams are made with organic milks, creams, and sugars.

Their Vegan Ice Creams

Savor's vegan flavors are made with organic coconut milk, organic vegan-certified sugar, and vegan-certified additions. All vegan flavors are churned and frozen in dedicated equipment that is separate from their dairy ice cream flavors.

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