Updates on Butte County During Covid

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Sierra Oro Farm Trail
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Situated in the the natural beauty of the scenic and rural north state, the Sierra Oro Farm Trail (SOFT) is a non-profit association of farmers and businesses located in Butte County, California. Established in 2005 with a handful of local farms, the trail has grown to include more than thirty specialty farms and agriculture-related businesses from throughout the communities of Butte County. Bound together by a passion for agriculture and community, the Sierra Oro Farm Trail was created to build awareness and interest in the farm-fresh bounty and rich heritage of Butte County agriculture. Member farms are largely family operated and often times multi-generational.

While you can enjoy the trail locations on your own at any time using the SOFT Map, the farm trail community rolls out the red carpet every Columbus Day weekend for the annual Passport Weekend. During the Passport Weekend, dozens of farmers, winemakers and orchard operators open their doors for visitors, introducing attendees to the behind-the-scenes stories of the spectacular quality of Butte County’s agriculture and the families whose passion for the land spans generations.

Outside the annual Passport Weekend, you can still take a self-guided tour at any time! Use the official map to visit dozens of local farmers, winemakers, and more! You can also access an interactive list if you're looking for specific experiences or follow curated, themed itineraries for a more focused visit!

Whatever you choose, you'll love the bounty of Butte County!

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