Tackle Box Bar & Grill
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Tackle Box Bar & Grill

The Tackle Box Bar & Grill is a honkey-tonk bar, grill, live music venue, and tackle shop all under one roof. Serving up American grill standards, such as ribs, burgers, and tri-tip, the Tackle Box is known for serving it’s most popular dish, alligator. Selling about as fast as it comes in, the Tackle Box is one of the few places in California you can find alligator year around along with other exotic dishes such as frog legs, elk, buffalo, wild boar and venison.

A Brief History

The Tackle Box started as a sporting goods store that opened in 1997 and incorporated all of it’s customers hunting and fishing needs under one roof. The Peeples family has owned the shop and building for eighteen years before they decided to turn the other half (that was previously a furniture store) into a bar and grill.

The bar and grill was an instant success when it opened. Often referred to as “Chico’s only real honky-tonk,” The Tackle Box proudly supports live music by hosting local and out of town bands every Friday, and Saturday night!

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