Updates on Butte County During Covid

In the time of COVID, we continue to update the status of open attractions, eateries, and events twice a week. Prepare yourself for safely traveling during COVID by reading our page of health and safety travel tips here.

The Donut Nook

The Donut Nook is a Family owned business since 1977 and it is located in North Chico. It is kind of a big deal in town, as it is open 24 hours and caters to a wide range of Chicoans throughout the day and night.

The Donut Nook offers delicious Donuts, Muffins, Brownies, Croissants, Espresso Drinks(Mochas, White Chocolate Mocha, Latte, Eye Openers, Americanos, OJ, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Apple Juice, Fruit Smoothies, Big Train Coffee Drinks, Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla Cappuccino and Sodas

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