14 Local Coffee Shops in Butte County
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14 Local Coffee Shops in Butte County

Coffee. Espresso. Java. Cuppa. Rocket fuel. Brain juice.

Whatever you call it and whatever you’re in the mood for, we know that when you need it, you need it fast. But when you’re visiting a new place, it can be easy to rely on the familiar chains to get your fix.

So to make it a little easier for you to support local Butte County cafes, we’ve pulled together a list of 15 local coffee shops that will satisfy any of your caffeine (or decaf) cravings. Get a taste with these real Google and Yelp reviews from real diners raving about their favorite Northern California coffee shops and then go experience them for yourself.

If you’re looking for a great cup of joe, cold brew, espresso, or something else while you’re in Butte County, this is a good place to start!


Lynn’s Coffee & Crepes

9205 Skyway, Paradise

What customers had to say: “This place is so delicious, worth the wait for opening. So nice to have a drive thru spot this yummy. Wish they opened a bit earlier for my early morning work drive but they’re so good I come for lunch anyway.” ~Anastacia M.

Fan favorite(s): Berry Blast Crepe, Mocha Freeze, Carmel Freeze

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JC Java

1574 Huntoon St., Oroville

What customers had to say: “I really hope people read this post.. great place downtown, good coffee, good pastries, great staff. Quiet, cozy, their breakfast bagels are bomb! And sandwiches are on point... people need to know about this place.” ~Al S.

Fan favorite(s): White Mocha, Red Bull Infused, Holy Moly

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Mug Shots Coffee House

2040 Montgomery St., Oroville

What customers had to say: “I just had the best coffee I have had in a long time. Perfect balance of creme, sweet and coffee. Their sandwiches are simple and a great compliment to any drink. Highly recommend MugShots for all your coffee and drink needs!” ~Jefferey S.

Fan favorite(s): Avalanche, Morning Thunder Black Coffee, any of the Candy Bar drinks

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Olson House Coffee

2525 Feather River Blvd., Oroville

What customers had to say: “The staff is always very friendly and greets me with a smile! I always get their blended Peanut-butter cup mocha and it’s sooooo good!! If you haven’t tried their drinks I highly recommend them! ❤️” ~Jaimie G.

Fan favorite(s): Blended drinks: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Coconut Caramel Crunch. Energy drinks made with plant-based Lotus Energy: Tahiti Sunrise and Blue Hawaiian

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Bidwell Perk

664 E 1st Ave., Chico

What customers had to say: “Everybody there is so friendly. They have excellent salads. Their lattes are just the best. And last fall they had this pumpkin spice latte that was so good that sometimes I'll be drinking coffee I brewed at home, and I will weep, because the drink I'm drinking isn't that latte I had last fall.” ~Michael N.

Fan favorite(s): Honey Cream Latte, Blended Coconut Black Tea Latte

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Cal Java Coffee Roasters

Two Chico locations: 216 W East Ave (dine-in) and 1835 Mangrove Ave (drive-thru only)

What customers had to say: “Their house brew is for those who appreciate good DARK flavored coffee. The cashier, in my experience, is always helpful and polite. I've never been disappointed with any of their treats or coffee. It's a great environment to have an intimate chat with a friend. It always smells delicious in there.” ~R L.

Fan favorite(s): Cal Java Cold Brew, Honey Kiss Latte, Milky Way Mocha

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Coffee Ranch

1288 E 1st Ave., Chico

What customers had to say: “Was recommended the Coffee Ranch as 'having the best coffee drinks in Chico.' I second that rating due to their original drinks that have great flavor. Very attentive and sweet employees that seemed promptly thorough and self sufficient while working.” ~Violet R.

Fan favorite(s): The Wild Monkey, Honey Bee Latte, Cinnabon Latte, Maple Glazed Latte

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Daycamp Coffee

1925 Market Pl. Ste. 150, Chico

What customers had to say: “Love this place! Miriam Park is a beautiful location for this refreshing, open aired coffee spot. The staff has always been helpful, understanding and enjoyable to talk to! Wonderful coffee flavors and they also provide whipped cream treats for pups.” ~Kristin F.

Fan favorite(s): Oat Milk Latte, Fizzy Matcha Twist, Single Origin Espresso (Colombia finca las nubes)

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Equilateral Coffee

1710 Park Ave., Chico

What customers had to say: “The best part of my week is waiting for them to open on Wednesdays. I usually have to order an extra shot for my lattes, but the coffee they use is so strong that I don't need it! Great coffee and very friendly owners who know my order as I walk through the door. Could not recommend them more!" ~Cassidy B.

Fan favorite(s): Aztec Mocha, any of their housemade syrups

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The Grateful Bean Coffee House

6 W Eaton Rd., Chico

What customers had to say: “The coffee is amazing!! And consistent every time, and not to mention the staff is really nice and brings your drinks to ya! 10000000/10 would recommend. I wish there was one of these in every town!!” ~Bre R.

Fan favorite(s): Creamy Cold Brew, White Mocha, Peanut Butter Cup

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Mondos Coffeehouse

995 Nord Ave #100, Chico

What customers had to say: “great local café! Wide variety of coffee options and teas, including Oregon Chai which is my favorite! The staff are friendly and have quick service. They also have a pretty wide variety of bagel options for sandwiches (or with cream cheese) and locally made pastries.” ~Megan T.

Fan favorite(s): Mexican Mocha, El Chicano, Carmela

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Naked Lounge

118 W 2nd St., Chico

What customers had to say: “Mmmm mmmm good! Happy to find a coffee shop with such wonderful goodness for my taste buds to taste. Recommend rewarding Your mouth with the Smooth rich rewarding flavors offered up here! Enjoy and be awesome” ~Michael C.

Fan favorite(s): Iced matcha latte with macadamia milk and house made jasmine syrup, House made cold brew with house made vanilla and heavy whipping crème

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Stoble Coffee

418 Broadway St., Chico

What customers had to say: “Absolutely phenomenal new coffee shop in Chico. I buy Stoble beans for brewing at home so I'm clearly a fan of the coffee. What puts this place over the top is the unique and high quality food dishes. And the physical space is one of the most beautiful in Chico.” ~Troy C.

Fan favorite(s): Honey Lavender Latte

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Tender Loving Coffee

365 E 6th St.

What customers had to say: “Tender Loving is a beautiful little coffee shop with a cozy atmosphere yet space enough to put on wonderful open mic nights. People are swell, coffee's good, nothing bad about it at all.” ~Matthew D.

Fan favorite(s): Orange Zest Mocha, Lavender Latte, and Ice Blended Lemonades with house-made fruit syrups

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