6 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Chico
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6 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Chico

Dining out with kids is always an adventure in the best of times: Children are learning the ins and outs of restaurant etiquette and don’t always get it right. Add traveling to the mix, when everyone’s exploring a new place, and it becomes even trickier. It can be difficult to determine which restaurants are actually kid-friendly and also have good food for the whole family.

I'm taking out the guesswork for you. The restaurants listed below are tried and true places local parents (including myself!) bring their kids. They have kid-friendly menus, relaxed atmospheres, and outdoor dining options, and many are nearby other places kids love.

While not a comprehensive list, these are a few of the wonderful kid-friendly restaurants in Chico that you do not want to miss.

Burgers and Brew

Located downtown, Burgers and Brew is the perfect place for families to grab a bite to eat. Not only is the atmosphere relaxed and a bit loud (so your children can be themselves without disrupting other diners), but they also have a wonderful patio and a decent kid’s menu. Plus, the location is hard to beat. After dinner, you can grab frozen yogurt right across the street at Jon & Bons Yogurt Shoppe, or meander right around the corner and grab gelato or candy from Sweet Chico Confections. And if it is warm out, take those delicious desserts one block over to the City Plaza and let your children burn off the sugar rush (or pent-up dinner energy) in the Plaza’s water fountain.

Café Coda

Small but mighty, Café Coda is a family favorite. Kids can enjoy an array of food, including happy face or monster face pancakes, and the relaxed atmosphere allows children to be children. The menu also caters to some dietary restrictions, with vegan and gluten-free options. The newly built outdoor patio dining area is also perfect for families because outdoor dining keeps parents from having to remind kids to use indoor voices. Plus, if your children enjoy skateboarding, less than a block away is the Humboldt Avenue Skate Park.

Fresh Twisted Café

Does your family love fresh smoothies, amazing salads, and yummy sandwiches? Fresh Twisted Café not only offers wonderful fresh food options that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions, but the overall atmosphere is very relaxed. There are simple wall-hanging toys near the registers, comfy couches for lounging on, and an open dining area. Not to mention this restaurant is very close to the popular DeGarmo Park. Grabbing a smoothie or food to go on your way to some family playground fun couldn’t be easier.

Redwood Sandwich Co.

If you are looking for a delicious sandwich using some amazing locally sourced bread, look no further than Redwood Sandwich Co. This is a small restaurant with limited indoor and outdoor seating, but the menu is perfect for families. They offer a variety of sandwiches and bread options, and their kid’s menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. If there isn’t any open seating, take your lunch to go and enjoy it at the nearby Wildwood Park or Hooker Oak Park. Both of these wonderful family-friendly parks offer playgrounds, picnic tables, and many blanket picnic location options.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada Brewery is known for its good beer, but the restaurant is actually wonderful for families as well. Not only do they have a large indoor seating area that is loud enough for kids to be themselves without upsetting nearby patrons, but they also have a wonderful outdoor seating area as well. Plus, their kid’s menu is usually pretty diverse, offering options that are likely to please your little ones. This popular and iconic Chico restaurant is perfect for families.

Tea Bar

Tea Bar & Fusion Café is a local favorite is full of delicious teas and fresh Asian-inspired cuisine. While their kid’s menu is lacking, they do offer simple sides that can easily be turned into a meal for a small child and their menu accommodates a variety of dietary restrictions. This restaurant makes the list because the outdoor dining areas at both locations are perfect for families. At the downtown Vallombrosa location, there is even a water fountain and grassy area if you would rather take your food to go and eat on the park benches behind the building. Even if you are not in the mood for food, the tea options (including ice cream-like teas) are worth a visit all on their own.

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