Updates on Butte County During Covid

In the time of COVID, we continue to update the status of open attractions, eateries, and events twice a week. Prepare yourself for safely traveling during COVID by reading our page of health and safety travel tips here.

The Polar Bear Plunge
Chico Getaway Artist Outdoor Adventurer

One of the annual traditions of Chico is the Polar Bear Plunge--jumping into and swimming across Sycamore Pool, filled with the frigid waters of Big Chico Creek, at One-Mile in Bidwell Park to start off the new year. The event has become a community tradition, happening consecutively for 40 years.

Over the past four decades, thousands of Chicoans have participated in the New Year’s Day swim. Follow along with Jason Weinrich as he plunges in for the first time on January 1, 2020.

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