Big Chico Creek Loop

Big Chico Creek Loop

Whether you call it Big Chico Creek Loop, T-Ford Loop, or Yahi/Annie Bidwell Loop, the experience is the same: a high-quality trek in Upper Bidwell Park looping around Big Chico Creek. A combination of Yahi Trail and Annie Bidwell Trail, the best time for hiking this loop is fall through spring; if you do it in the summer, tackle it in the morning or plan on dips in the creek along the way. Be prepared to be wowed by the variety of micro-environments, shady sycamores, and Lovejoy basalt along. You’ll have to ford Big Chico Creek to go from the Yahi Trail to the Annie Bidwell side, but that’s definitely part of the fun! Just be cautious and use your best judgment when doing so—it can be dangerous after it rains, when it’s flowing faster, and in the winter and spring, when the water is colder; from December through March, it is likely impassible.


If you’re still building up your mileage or aren’t quite ready to ford the creek, have fun returning to the Yahi Trail and Annie Bidwell Trails individually.

Key Info

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Length & Type: 10 mile loop

Best Used: April - November

Dogs: Allowed on leash

Trail Map: Upper Bidwell Park Map

Other Links: Chico Hiking Association trail map

Driving Directions

From Hwy 99 take the East Ave. exit east. Follow East Ave. towards Manzanita Ave. At the roundabout take the second exit for Wildwood Ave. Continue onto Upper Park Road. If the gate is open, continue towards Bear Hole Parking Area K. If the gate is closed, park just before the gate in Parking area E, and continue walking towards Yahi Trail.

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