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Upper Bidwell Park
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Bidwell Park is "divided" by Manzanita Avenue. The area east of Manzanita Avenue is referred to as Middle and Upper Park. Upper Park is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It has steep terrain and contains many rock formations, including the unique Chico Formation sandstone and Lovejoy Basalt rocks.


The Upper Park North Rim is an advanced trail that sits atop the northern canyon of Big Chico Creek and offers stunning views in all directions once some elevation is gained. The trail itself is widened single track from years of use and erosion with very little soil sitting upon lava cap.

The Middle Trail is an intermediate trail that fluctuates from sections of smooth dirt with short climbs out of drainages to several long chunky rock gardens. In the uppermost section, there are several short, steep climbs littered with loose rocks. Making a loop with Upper Trail or Lower Trail is a good option.

Overall, Upper Park contains 12 scenic and challenging trails.


The pedestrian-only Yahi Trail in Upper Park is a recommended visit. Yahi Trail offers the hiker miles of scenic views along Big Chico Creek. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and to bring plenty of drinking water. All of the other trails in Upper Park are mixed-use, and most are rated as medium-to-difficult hikes.

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