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Butte County Hiking 101

Hik­ing 101

Whether you’re a sea­soned hik­er or brand new to get­ting out­doors, we’ve got you cov­ered with what you need to know to get start­ed hik­ing and enjoy the best of what North­ern Cal­i­for­nia has to offer. Get the pack­ing list. Mira el video en Español .

Bid­well Park Regulations

At over 11 miles long, Bid­well Park is home to many pop­u­lar trails in the coun­ty. You’ll find park-spe­cif­ic rules and advise­ments below, though most of the infor­ma­tion is excel­lent for oth­er trails in Butte Coun­ty. Please make sure to read trail-spe­cif­ic rules to do your part in keep­ing Butte Coun­ty trails clean and avail­able to everyone!

Be Pre­pared

Be sure you have every­thing you need to stay safe and com­fort­able, includ­ing water, sun pro­tec­tion, and appro­pri­ate clothes and shoes. 

Watch for haz­ards, such as downed trees. You may also encounter poi­son oak, ticks, rat­tlesnakes, large wildlife, swift water, or steep drop-offs. Avoid dan­ger by stay­ing on des­ig­nat­ed trails and explor­ing with a friend.

Pro­hib­it­ed Items

  • Alco­hol
  • Glass
  • All smok­ing and vaping
  • Camp­ing
  • Camp­fires and BBQs out­side of des­ig­nat­ed areas
  • Exces­sive noise
  • Harm­ing or removal of wildlife, veg­e­ta­tion, rocks, arti­facts, etc.


When you explore, leave no trace behind. 

Pack in what you pack out, pick up after your­self, and keep the trails bet­ter than you found them for the next per­son to enjoy.

Trail & Safe­ty Etiquette

Please stay on des­ig­nat­ed trails and roads for safe­ty and to pre­vent resource dam­age — tread lightly! 

Dur­ing wet con­di­tions, trails are closed to bicy­cles and hors­es to reduce ero­sion. Upper Park Road is open for bike and eques­tri­an use dur­ing wet conditions.

Yahi Trail is pedes­tri­an-only; all oth­er trails in Upper Bid­well Park are mixed-use for bicy­cles and/​or horses.

Trail safe­ty and cour­tesy are Bid­well Park stan­dards. Please yield to oth­er users as appropriate.

When on the trail, eques­tri­ans have the right away — both pedes­tri­ans and bicy­clists must yield to them, and bicy­clists must also yield to pedestrians.

Bicy­clists must observe all Cal­i­for­nia vehic­u­lar codes, includ­ing one-way streets. Bicy­cle rid­ing is not allowed in Caper Acres, on the Sycamore Pool deck, and on the Yahi Trail. Bike hel­mets must be worn at all times on unpaved roads.

Motor­ized vehi­cles are only allowed on des­ig­nat­ed roads and in estab­lished park­ing areas.

Hors­es must cross at des­ig­nat­ed creek cross­ings and are not allowed in the One-Mile or Five-Mile Recre­ation Area.


Low­er Park: Dogs may be off leash from 5:30am until 8:30am and must remain under voice con­trol. Dogs must be on leash at all oth­er times.

Upper Park: Dogs may be off leash on the north side of Upper Park Road and must remain under voice con­trol. Dogs must be on leash in all areas on and south of Upper Park Road.

Swim­ming Areas: Dogs are not allowed in Sycamore Pool, on the pool deck, or the sur­round­ing grass area in Low­er Park. Dogs are also not allowed in any oth­er named swim­ming hole in Bid­well Park.

Dogs are pro­hib­it­ed from harass­ing or harm­ing wildlife or people.

CA State Parks Regulations

Cal­i­for­nia State Parks runs the Lake Oroville State Recre­ation Area and Bid­well-Sacra­men­to Riv­er State Park , so make sure you review their detailed guide­lines before enjoy­ing one of the trails in those areas.

State Parks Gen­er­al Tips

Leave only foot­prints; take only memories.”

Nat­ur­al scenery, plants, and ani­mal life are pro­tect­ed by fed­er­al, state, and park laws, so dis­tur­bance or destruc­tion of these resources is strict­ly for­bid­den.

Dogs must be on a tend­ed leash no more than 6 feet or con­fined in an enclosed vehi­cle, tent or pen. 

Unless post­ed to the con­trary, dogs are not allowed on trails or day-use areas around Lake Oroville; they are allowed in park­ing lots, paved road­ways, and campgrounds. 

Smok­ing is not per­mit­ted on State Park trails.

Place all garbage, cig­a­rettes, paper box­es, bot­tles, ash­es and oth­er rub­bish in des­ig­nat­ed receptacles.

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