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Guardian Trail-Bloody Pin-Annie Bidwell Trail Loop

Guardian Trail is one of the most pop­u­lar trails in Chico, hug­ging the south­ern rim of Chico Creek Canyon and pro­vid­ing great views. For a lit­tle bit of every­thing that makes the trail, and Upper Bid­well Park in gen­er­al, so great, you’ll want to check out the Guardian Trail-Bloody Pin-Annie Bid­well Trail Loop, start­ing and end­ing at the Chico Canyon Trailhead. 

You’ll be chal­lenged on fre­quent up-and-down ele­va­tion changes (great thigh work­out!), switch­backs along the Bloody Pin sec­tion, punchy climbs, rocky sec­tions, flat and exposed sec­tions, and even some off-trail spots to stop and enjoy the views.

Key Info

Trail Dif­fi­cul­ty: Dif­fi­cult

Trail Length & Type: 8.3 mile loop

Best Used: Acces­si­ble year-round

Dogs: Allowed on leash

Trail Map: Upper Bid­well Park map

Dri­ving Directions

From Hwy 99 take the East Ave. exit east. Fol­low East Ave. towards Man­zani­ta Ave. At the round­about take the first right onto Man­zani­ta Ave. Turn left onto Cen­ten­ni­al Avenue or Chico Canyon Road. At the end of these roads park and look for trail­head signs.