Lord's Gym Kids Mud Run
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Lord's Gym Kids Mud Run

The Lord's Gym Kids Mud Run is a free mud obstacle course for kids aged 4-17. The obstacle-filled course is just under a mile long with more than 18 obstacles involving climbing, crawling, running, and, of course, lots of mud!

Registration is required and closes May 30, 2023. Space is limited and heats fill up fast, so families are encouraged to sign up early and online.

How It Works

  • The Kids Mud Run is divided into heats of 50 - 70 kids leaving every 10 minutes based on different age groups, with the different age groups running different courses.
    • Find the course map here.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended for a parent or guardian to run with the child if the child is 4-6 years old. You do not need to book a separate ticket for the parent or guardian accompanying the child.
  • Family Heats: If your child is between the ages of 7 and 17 and you want to do the Kids Mud Run with them, you may choose to sign up for a family heat. In family heats, one parent or guardian can run with the child. No separate ticket is required for the guardian.

Spectator Trail

The spectator trail allows parents and guardians to follow their kids along the course and cheer them on as they run! (So wear your own running shoes and get ready for some exercise!)

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