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The Allies Pub

  • 426 Broadway Street, Chico, CA, USA
(530) 809-1650
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At The Allies Pub, enjoy the atmos­phere and dis­tinc­tive fla­vors of British Bull­dog ales and authen­tic Eng­lish pub food as they trans­port you back to the snug of an his­toric British pub in a time gone by. Enjoy inside or on their inti­mate patio.

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How to get there: The Allies Pub is locat­ed on the back side of the Sil­ber­stein build­ing in Down­town Chico. Access is through the hors­es heads on 5th Street between the Bank of Amer­i­ca park­ing loc and La Per­la Mex­i­can Grill (there is NO access from Broadway).

About The Allies Pub

After 2 ½ years sup­ply­ing both British and Amer­i­can brews to the com­mu­ni­ty through local bars and restau­rants, the British Bull­dog Brew­ery fam­i­ly decid­ed it was time to find the per­fect loca­tion to cre­ate a tra­di­tion­al pub where peo­ple can meet and relax in com­fort­able sur­round­ings, share sto­ries, and wile away the time over a pint or a swift half”, and they found it in Down­town Chico. The Allies Pub is a nod to their transat­lantic her­itage and the wide range of British and Amer­i­can ales that their brew­ery offers

British Bull­dog Brewery

British Bull­dog Brew­ery is a Chico brew­ery that crafts more than 30 types of British and British-inspired beers, from Ses­sion Bit­ters to Russ­ian Impe­r­i­al Stouts, as well as Amer­i­can ales and IPAs. Enjoy exclu­sive­ly at The Allies Pub in Down­town Chico as well as pur­chased from a vari­ety of local retail­ers through­out Butte County.

The His­to­ry of British Bull­dog Brewery

Steve Kay began brew­ing beer in Eng­land when he was 15 years old but put his brief brew­ing career behind him after he went to Uni­ver­si­ty to study Micro­bi­ol­o­gy. In 1995, he and his fam­i­ly moved to and set­tled in Chico, and in 2011, after strug­gling with reduc­ing fam­i­ly expens­es and real­iz­ing that beer was a sig­nif­i­cant cost in the food and drink bud­get, start­ed British Bull­dog Brew­ery to keep beer in his life. Since then, with the enthu­si­as­tic sup­port and hands-on assis­tance from his son-in-law, Kay has not had a duff batch and British Bull­dog now has over 30 recipes cov­er­ing styles from Ses­sion Bit­ters to Russ­ian Impe­r­i­al Stouts. Along with their pas­sion for beer, Kay and his fam­i­ly fuse the recipes with their pas­sion for his­to­ry and heroes.

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