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Chico Agritourism & Locally Grown

GRUB CSA Farm in Chico provides natural food directly to the community through its CSA Membership, as well as at the Chico Farmer’s Markets (every Wednesday & Saturday mornings, and Thursday nights in summer). They also deliver vegetables to some of the best restaurants in the North Valley.

Although their vegetables are not certified organic, they grow under CCOF standards, which are even more strict than the standard USDA Organic standards. GRUB believes in providing the healthiest, tastiest food to its community and protecting the environment by never spraying pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

GRUB CSA Farm sells directly to its customers, so it can harvest at the peak of flavor and deliver the most vibrant food. You can taste the difference — it’s a quality you won’t find in regular stores.

GRUB also works to preserve the tradition of growing healthy food. They know that healthy food can only be grown in healthy soil, which is they we never spray pesticides. By planting native hedgerows to support wildlife, building soil naturally, and planting a diverse selection of rare and heirloom seeds, GRUB's 10 acres of of land along the Lindo Channel in Chico is growing a healthy future for the community's children to thrive.

Where to Find GRUB's Goods

Chico's Farmer's Markets

  • Saturdays 7:30am-1pm; year-round
  • Wednesdays 7:30am-1pm; year-round
  • Thursdays 6pm-9pm; April-September
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