Taste the Best Boba Spots in Butte County
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Taste the Best Boba Spots in Butte County

Prepare to embark on a flavorful adventure through Butte County’s boba scene. Whether you’re already a fan or are looking to try something new, you're in for a treat at one of our three favorite boba tea spots!

Shake Tea

At Shake Tea in Downtown Oroville, creativity knows no limits. Step into this modern and inviting boba haven, and be prepared to be amazed by their imaginative drinks along with classic combos. With friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, Shake Tea is a must-visit spot for both seasoned boba lovers and newcomers alike.

Location: 1937 Bird St, Oroville

Project Tea

Chico’s Project Tea specializes in premium boba tea—from the mesmerizing Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to the Instagram-worthy Rainbow Burst, Project Tea pushes the boundaries of boba innovation with unique flavor combinations. Not sure where to start? The knowledgeable staff are always there to guide you through their menu.

Location: 1008 W Sacramento Ave Suite H, Chico

What is Boba Tea?

Never heard of boba tea? Also known as bubble tea, boba tea (or simply “boba”) is a Taiwanese drink made of flavored teas (with or without milk) mixed with chewy tapioca balls (“boba,” “bubbles,” or “pearls”). With dozens of flavor options and a variety of different mix-in options, the number of combinations you can create is practically endless!

Boba TeaLicious

For a cozy and delightful boba experience, look no further than Boba TeaLicious. This hidden gem in Downtown Chico will satisfy your cravings for all things sweet, and you’ll love the friendly owners making your drink. Each drink is made with love and uses high-quality ingredients, ensuring a burst of authentic flavor in every sip.

Location: 225 Main St M, Chico

With their unique flavors, commitment to quality, and friendly service, these spots offer a taste of pure joy in every sip. So get ready for a boba tasting adventure through Butte County.

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