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Exploring Public Art in Oroville

Through­out Oroville today, you can find murals that reflect the major forces at the foun­da­tion of the city: the Gold Rush and agriculture.

A boon to the state over­all, the Gold Rush brought thou­sands of set­tlers to Oroville specif­i­cal­ly since it was estab­lished as the home base of nav­i­ga­tion of the Feath­er Riv­er to sup­ply gold min­ers. After the gold indus­try dwin­dled, agri­cul­ture, and in par­tic­u­lar olives and nut pro­duc­tion, took its place. And both con­tin­ue to influ­ence the city today through a vari­ety of pub­lic art displays.

Below is a par­tial list of out­door pub­lic art through­out and near Down­town Oroville—try to find them all (and let us know if you find oth­ers not on our list)!

If you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about pub­lic art in Oroville, vis­it the Oroville Arts Commission page.

Mont­gomery Murals

Mont­gomery, which extends from High­way 70 to the Feath­er Riv­er, is the main street in Down­town Oroville and presents sev­er­al large-scale murals that pay trib­ute to the city’s past.

"WWII Planes : Dedication to Oroville Municipal Airport" (Oroville City Hall, 1735 Montgomery)
"The Covered Bridge," by Fred "The Brush" Daley (Parking Lot at Montgomery & Lincoln)
"Oroville Farming," by Christine MacShane (Parking Lot at Montgomery & Downer St.)
"Oroville Gold Mine Mural," by Ted Hanson and Frank Wilson (1267 Montgomery Street)
by Forest Wong (on the patio at the Union restaurant)

Min­ers Alley Murals

Min­ers Alley cuts through Down­town Oroville, run­ning par­al­lel to Mont­gomery from Pine St. to Down­er St. 

Prints by Jake Early in Miners Alley
"Dunn & Co. Feed and Grain," by Shyla Cook (Miners Alley at 1346 Myers)
"Untitled," by Katie Anderson (Miners Alley at 1335 Myers)

Bird Street Murals

One street south of Min­ers Alley, find more Gold Rush era-themed murals on Bird Street.

"Panning Gold" (1898 Bird St.)
"Black Bart Attack on the Oroville, 1882," by Fred "The Brush" Daley (1910 Bird St.)
"Oroville Railway Mural," by Ted Hanson and Frank Wilson (Corner of Bird St. & Lincoln St.)
by Jack Townsend (Historic Oroville Inn, 2066 Bird St.)
"Cranes," Historic Oroville Inn (2066 Bird St.)
"Thomas Edison," by Shyla Cook (2010 Bird St.)
"Vehicles of Oroville," by Fred "The Brush" Daley (Bird St. between Myers St. & Down St.)

Oth­er Down­town Murals

Out­side of the main streets, you can find oth­er murals tucked away through­out Down­town Oroville.

(Ishi," by Shyla Cook (Butte County Office of Education, on Robinson between Huntoon & Lincoln)
"Native American Wall Art Reliefs," Butte County Office of Eduation
"Freemasonry Hall Mural" (1462 Meyers St.)

Beyond Down­town

Ven­ture beyond the heart of Down­town Oroville to find oth­er murals through­out the city.

"Doris Ristine & Clay Canady," by Lenny Hubbard and Maria Fox (African American Family & Cultural Center, 3300 Spencer Ave)
Kyra Gottesman, Oroville MR
"Saint Paul's Labyrinth," by Jack Townsend (1454 Pine Street)

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