Exploring Public Art in Paradise
Paradise Getaway Artist

Exploring Public Art in Paradise

Tucked among the pines in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Paradise is rich in indigenous and Gold Rush history and full of innate beauty. Life on The Ridge has always been a little slower and more relaxed than what you'd find in the cities in the valley, and since 2018, full of the spirit of resilience.

As you explore the area, look for a growing number of murals and other public art that reflect both the town's history and resilient character that continues to drive all who call it home.

Below is a list of outdoor public art in Paradise—have fun visiting them all and keep an eye out for new ones in the future (and let us know if you find others not on our list)!

Exploring Public Art in Paradise

Here We Grow

by Jed Speer

Paradise Boys and Girls Club, 6241 Skyway

Exploring Public Art in Paradise

Ridge Key Phoenix

by Jesse Mercer

Butte Resiliency Center, 6295 Skyway

Exploring Public Art in Paradise

To Paradise With Love

by Jesse Mercer & Steve Ferchaud, Collaborative Paradise Community Project

Skyway Antique Mall, 6118 Skyway

Exploring Public Art in Paradise

by Shane Grammer

5660 Skyway

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