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North Complex West Zone

The North Complex West Zone (formerly, Bear Fire) is an ongoing fire situation in the eastern side of Butte County. Find resources and updates here.

Hike the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop
Oroville Outdoor Adventurer

Phantom Falls may be the most well-known waterfall at Table Mountain, but there are more waterfalls that that one on the ecological reserve! In fact, during the rainy season, the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country hike will have at least nine waterfalls, with up to 14 flowing within a few days of a major rainstorm. However, their beauty is fleeting--the major ones, including Phantom Falls and Beatson Falls, flow from the first storms in the winter through about April, while others only flow a few days after the big storms. All of them are dry throughout the summer. If you are lucky and go on a hike after a big rainstorm in March, all the falls will be running and there will be millions of wildflowers carpeting the rocky flats.

Overall, this loop makes for a great location for viewing multiple Northern California waterfalls—all in one spot if you time your trip right.

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Hike the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop

Lower Ravine Falls

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