Hike the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop
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Hike the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop

Phantom Falls may be the most well-known waterfall at Table Mountain, but there are more waterfalls that that one on the ecological reserve! In fact, during the rainy season, the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country hike will have at least nine waterfalls, with up to 14 flowing within a few days of a major rainstorm. However, their beauty is fleeting—the major ones, including Phantom Falls and Beatson Falls, flow from the first storms in the winter through about April, while others only flow a few days after the big storms. All of them are dry throughout the summer. If you are lucky and go on a hike after a big rainstorm in March, all the falls will be running and there will be millions of wildflowers carpeting the rocky flats.

Overall, this loop makes for a great location for viewing multiple Northern California waterfalls—all in one spot if you time your trip right.

Trip Tips

  • Lands Pass Required ($5.20)
  • Parking is available in a gravel lot on the west side of Cherokee Road. The lot has a limited number of spaces, so please plan to arrive early for the best opportunities to park. No parking on the pavement is allowed along the paved portion of Cherokee Road, beginning approximately 3.0 miles north of the intersection of Oregon Gulch Road (large parking turnout near the crest of Cherokee Road) to Derrick Road (map). Vehicles parking on the shoulder must be parked completely off the pavement; violators are subject to tow.
  • Make sure to review hiking best practices and trail etiquette and follow Leave No Trace principles as you explore.
  • If it has recently rained, the entire area will be very wet, which can make it dangerous to hike, given the muddy, slippery conditions and the many steep cliffs and drop-offs - so wear sturdy shoes with good traction and tread carefully.
  • Expect to see grazing cattle; they are generally not dangerous, but do not approach any closer than 300 feet.
  • Drones are not allowed on the reserve
  • The wildflower blooms are best late February through April.
  • Check out the Chico Hiking Association for more information on this hike (plus maps) and many others throughout Butte County.

Key Info

Trail Difficulty: Difficult

Trail Length & Type: 11.3 mile loop

Best Used: November - April

Dogs: Allowed on leash

Trail Map: Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop map

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