Bald Rock
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Bald Rock

Bald Rock is a granite batholith that is a prominent fixture along the skyline of certain parts of Lake Oroville and is particularly visible from Feather Falls. It's a beautiful vista point on a clear day. Because it's a fairly large area, Bald Rock is a perfect place for hiking and backpacking! Enjoy Oroville's "Half Dome without the crowds"!

Enjoy spectacular views overlooking Oroville Lake and the Sacramento Valley. Children of all ages will have fun searching for the “snailrock” or sitting inside the shelter, complete with a
stove. If you are a night owl, come sit in the light of the full moon, count the stars in the wane of the moon, or capture some spectacular astrophotography.

While you're exploring, be aware of snakes and other critters such as mosquitoes. There are a lot of places to fall, so watch your step.

Make sure to review hiking best practices and trail etiquette and follow Leave No Trace principles as you explore.


There is a restroom facility at the trailhead.


To find Bald Rock, go to Oroville and get onto the Olive Highway, east-bound. It'll then turn into the Oro-Quincy Highway 162. It'll take you over a relatively large bridge and a smaller one some miles after.

Continue onward until you hit Bald Rock Road on the right. Be careful though, you'll find it after driving through a curve, so it's easy to zoom by.

There will be a small clearing right next to it. Take a right onto that road and continue. There will be a turn-off on the left eventually — there should be a sign indicating Bald Rock. Park there and then explore!

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