8 Craft Beer Breweries in Butte County
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8 Craft Beer Breweries in Butte County

Since the launch of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and its infamous Pale Ale in the early 1980s, Chico has been a destination for craft beer enthusiasts looking to taste new and interesting brews fresh from the source. Plan your next visit and discover all the local Northern California craft beer Butte County has to offer.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

The first major Chico craft brewery and the one that put Butte County on the international beer map, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is a popular attraction for tourists and residents alike. Hop heads interested in the brewing process will love the in-depth tours (with tastings at the end!) available at the brewery—and even casual beer drinkers will enjoy the standard tour. With a full-service restaurant in the Taproom, live events available at the Big Room, and fun events throughout the year, you could spend a full day or more tasting your way through SNB’s brew options.

British Bulldog Brewery

From teenage home brewing in England to a full-fledged American brewery in Chico, British Bulldog Brewery celebrates the owner’s distinct cultural influences. Create your own Ale Trail with the brewery’s variety of American-style ales and IPAs and range of British beers. From stouts and porters to English Style and Scottish ales, it's as close to a classic neighborhood pub as you can get without a plane ticket. For the best experience, head to their restaurant, The Allies Pub, in the heart of Downtown Chico, where you can enjoy a pint or two with a British-inspired meal before heading out for more shopping and explorations.

Eckert Malting and Brewing

They say necessity is the mother of invention—and with a now-gluten intolerant wife in desperate need of a delicious gluten-free beer, traditional home brewer Jim Eckert stepped up to create a rice-based beer. From that need grew Eckert Malting and Brewing, a Chico-based commercial-scale gluten-free malting and brewing enterprise. Pick up directly from the facility to enjoy during a picnic at a favorite Butte County park or at home.

Feather Falls Brewing

Oroville’s only brewery goes all out with a slate of award-winning craft beers, a full-service restaurant, and, oh yeah, a full-fledged casino. Just steps away from Feather Falls Casino & Lodge, Feather Falls Brewing Company is the best option for those looking to hit the slots. You can enjoy dozens of year-round and seasonal options to choose from—including in-house favorites Soaring Eagle Pilsner and Dancing Trees Hefeweizen—which all pair perfectly with their extensive food menu.

Mulberry Station Brewing

If you think the best way to enjoy beer is with a slice of pizza, then Mulberry Station Brewing Company is the place for you. Built on the location of the historic Chico Electric Railway, Mulberry Station serves up wood-fired pizza—always made with fresh ingredients and a signature cheese blend—along with their hand-crafted beers that range from light lagers to dark stouts. Whether you come for the beer and enjoy the pizza, or the other way around, you’re sure to find something delicious.

Nor Cal Brewing Company

The family-owned Nor Cal Brewing Company features small-batch craft beer that you can enjoy at their taproom in the heart of the Brewery District. While they produce a range from light to dark beers, their most popular drafts are their Hazy IPA and Callahans Pale Ale.

Ramble West Brewing

At the hyper-local Ramble West Brewing, savor a glass in their Chico taproom, stay for the game, pair your pint with a plate from a local food truck, or grab a six-pack or two to enjoy at home!

Secret Trail Brewing Co.

Born from a 1990s home-brewing practice, Secret Trail Brewing Co. invites you to “live and drink off the beaten path” at their Chico taproom. The microbrewery features classic styles and original innovations on tap, ranging from 4% wheat beer to an 11% barrel aged pastry stout. And of course, a pint tastes just that much better when savored on their outdoor patio with live music and tasty food from one of the rotating food trucks that are always on-site. If you’re looking to taste a variety of beers with strong flavor and character all in one place, Secret Trail is the place for you!

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