Welcome to Chico

Welcome to Chico

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Eat & Dine

Get your fill on delicious fare found throughout Chico. You can't go wrong with the suggestions below, but there's more than can be listed in Chico and beyond!


A trip to Downtown Chico will offer the best opportunity to discover unique finds from local shops all in one convenient location, though, of course, there's more to be found beyond Downtown.


Discover the fun and beauty that awaits you throughout Chico. From iconic parks to scenic trails, there's plenty to explore while you're in town (and even more throughout the county).

Events & Culture

With a variety of museums, a vibrant Downtown, and a variety of Instagrammable spots, Oroville has plenty for those seeking out arts and culture experiences. Explore our suggestions below. You can can also see the entire events calendar here.


Relax after a long day with a glass from a local brewery (or winery, if you prefer).